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These quad park wheels were specially designed and tested by none-other than the Dread Roller himself, Montre Livingston! The wheel features a conical shape with a recessed bearing cavity that allows for slightly more flex at the outer edge for carving hard through the transitions. The 20mm ride patch provides great stability without sacrificing speed, and the 98A durometer is the perfect mix of hardness for slides while still keeping a smooth roll. Whether in the park or on the streets, you won’t ‘dread’ grinds any longer due to the 52mm diameter that keeps the wheels tucked out of the way. All of this steeze is encapsulated in Cymatics Premium Urethane and accented with a beautiful red/white marble swirl. Sets are in quantities of 4 wheels.

DREAD ROLLER 52mm Quad Wheels (4 Set)

Dropping Soon!
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