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Cymatics XFLO 110mm/86A Dual Density Wheels Sold in Packs of 2. Available with X-Flex core  (Yellow or Black Hub) or Reflex core (Black Hub)


We offer two different cores in our dual density 110mm wheels. What does that mean? Although both options of the 110mm wheel are 86A on the outer layer of urethane (the rolling surface), there is an interior band of urethane in the wheel that allows you to fully tailor the wheel to your terrain. If you are skating rough roads in an urban setting, the X-flex core is a great choice because it acts as a shock absorber when rolling over the bumps. If distance and speed are your goals, then the Reflex core is the right choice because of its higher rebound core, more of your energy in momentum is kept.

XFLO 110mm Dual Density Wheel (2 pack)

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